Legal Agreements

Cover products, services, and website.

You accept the terms of these agreements by using the Circuit ID website and/or services, creating a Circuit ID account, purchasing Circuit ID products and/or services, or by continuing to use the Services after a change to the terms of these agreements.


Master Services Agreement (MSA)

Master Service Agreements include payment and termination terms, legal rights and responsibilities, and incorporates respective Product Schedules, Service Level Agreement as well as our Acceptable Use Policy by reference.


Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Service Level Agreements state performance standards and performance.


Partner Agreement

Terms and conditions of Circuit ID™ partner program.


Acceptable Use Policy

Describes the proper and prohibited use of Circuit ID™ services. The spirit of this policy is to ensure that our customers are using services with due regard to the rights of other Internet users and in conformity with the requirements of our network environment.


Information Request Policy

Describes the procedure for third parties to follow when requesting user information through the legal process.


Privacy Policy

States Circuit ID™ policy governing the collection, storage, and use of information gathered through this Web site.


DMCA Policy

Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy. If you have a good faith belief that material on a system or network controlled or operated by Circuit ID™ is infringing upon your copyright please refer to this policy.


No-SPAM Policy

This policy further defines some of the prohibited actions as found in Circuit ID™ Acceptable Use Policy.


Hardware Warranty/Return Policy

Policy governing hardware and its return.